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  1. I'm also unable to download this manual.pdf now the new marketplace system is in operation ??? THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE of the old app (for IP.Board 3.4), so if you used the old app you probably still have data from the old app in your database, take a read on manual.pdf (page 2) in the zip file or request support before you install this app.
  2. I have just updated to the latest version of IPB and Classifieds , now all the categories and advertisements have disappeared totally ? Can anyone help ?
  3. Hello I have just purchased and installed this plugin.. its not working for example it does not embed this link.. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1384811/brexit-news-boris-johnson-fishing-brexit-deal-uk-eu-trade-latest-update
  4. Also I have just purchased this for use on IPB 4.36 will this work? As I cant see to find any controls of functions to add to Mailchimp once installed ?
  5. Will this sync all existing IPB forum members with a mailchimp list also ?
  6. THL

    Google Adsense

    Thanks have bought this plugin now. Although when I try to install it, it throws me out of IPB admin and back to my websites root domain, it also doesn't not have instructions at all with it.
  7. THL

    Google Adsense

    I did look but could only block adverts from certain websites appearing, not block them showing from certain areas on my own website... I'll take another look. Just checked that only blocks advertisers from what I can see, it doesn't allow me to restrict ads from appearing in a certain forum section... Is there an easy way in IPB to do this?
  8. Hello I have ran google Adsense on my forum for years, but lately it is blocking pages due to certain content that is against its policy for example a knife related subject, etc. I have my Adsense banners setup in IPB to show in the forum header, footer, etc Question being how do I prevent certain forum sections and my classifieds section from showing Adsense code ? Thanks
  9. Would I be able to set it to show on the index sidebar only, like all the other sidebar options for IPB, wheres that option ?
  10. Cool I may try that and I can just set it to show on the forum index page sidebar only not every forum section sidebar ?
  11. I have pages, what do I need to do? I used to be able to just create a custom code in IPB3 using an ad and then put the code into the template. I'll have to try and have a play.
  12. How do I go about adding an advert to my forum main index page sidebar only, when I select the sidebar option in the admin it, an advert is added on every forum page on the side, I only want it on the default index forum page.. Thanks
  13. Does it have to be the same size or will it auto resize?
  14. Is there a pre-made round thumbs up icon to suit?
  15. How do I change the heart symbol to something like a thumsb up icon instead... my members are complaining its a bit girly !!!
  16. Where do I change the forum date and time setup for posts as currently it shows month first then day, I'd like it to show day then month?
  17. Is there a way to disable exif data showing in image attachments?
  18. MY forum has just recently been updated to the latest revision, I was using Advanced Tags & Prefixes by Ryan H for my forum topic prefixes with different colour options set for different prefixes. When the forum was upgraded it defaulted back to invisions default setting for tags/prefixes .. Question being can I change the tag/prefix colours anywhere or will I need to reinstall Ryans Advanced Tags & Prefixes plugin ?
  19. Is there a bug tracker still? Just a minor skin issue, just had the forum upgraded to latest revision and when its offline, the header logo banner area height is smaller than normal so cuts logo off...just a heads up..
  20. Is there a downloadable theme available like the invisioncommunity theme, different style menu, etc?
  21. I have just downloaded the latest version of IPB 4.1 , not the beta version.. Question being my theme looks different to the IPB community one used here, is this a new theme that has been updated for 4.2, or is it available to download ? Thanks.
  22. I'm still using IPB 3.4 and I'm about to update to IPB 4, can anyone advise me if there updated software allows resizing of image filesize on upload... Basically so when people upload direct from there phone with 5-10mb images there not utilising a lot of space, what do others set as there max upload file size?
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