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Bug on the mobile theme?


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I visited this site on my ipod and I noticed that there seems to be a template error. I have attached some screenshots of the error below;

Just thought of letting you guys know! :)

Btw can you add a way for us API users to login to the forum as well while using the mobile version?

Great job on developing the whole software!! :)

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I don't believe the downloads application supports mobile access - it's relatively pointless since the iPhone at least won't support downloading stuff (though I believe Android will, so we may make it work at some point).

Not sure I understand your question about API users.

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I was redirected to the download section from another forum I believe. Maybe allow the iPhone users to view them so they don't have to go home or turn on the pc to check out something in the download section.

About the API I am Talking about people who use twitter or Facebook connect to login to the forum. I use twitter connect and I have to switch to the desktop version to login to the forum from mobile version. In the mobile theme only the users who created an account by directly registering are allowed to sign in not the twitter and Facebook connect users.

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I am aware of this issue already. I received an email to a file once and clicked it, resulting in the same problem.

We intend to look into this closer this year. I'm not sure what direction we will take (whether it be a per-app 'flag' to shut off mobile viewing for that app, enhancing the skin so you can view, even if you can't download, etc.) but this is on our radar.

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