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  1. Aren't there enough open source security vulnerabilities in the world?
  2. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, which is entirely possible, I don't think white label hosted forums embedded via iframe with different themes is within the spirit of the license agreement. I wouldn't really see that as a valid use case, personally. (Disclaimer: personal opinion, not necessarily representative of IPS policy, etc)
  3. Your idea strikes me as being considerably more flawed, unfortunately. If you provide people some anonymous way to indicate that they are not willing to pay and to "suggest a price", it's highly likely that rather than buying products, some individuals (I dare say, many individuals) will just run around "downvoting" prices in the expectation that they can get it cheaper. If you don't like the price of something, do not buy it, and tell the author why not. Authors will value personally written, well thought out feedback considerably more than they will an anonymous click on a "too expensive" button. And frankly, if they respond to a suggestion that they rethink their pricing with public flaming or personal insults, you probably don't want to purchase off that person anyway. It's not hard to simply respond that they have considered your opinion but unfortunately will not be considering price changes at the time. (Again, opinions do not represent IPS, so on so forth).
  4. Regulating pricing is price fixing. And I also do not agree that there need to be more ways to influence pricing - you can choose to influence pricing by not buying the product, or you can contact the seller and let them know that you aren't happy with the price. These are the same options available to you if you were to walk into a WalMart or Target, neither of which offer an Establishment Fee or Retainer type system, or even ratings and feedback. Here at IPS, you can review a product if you buy it, peruse the support topic, contact the author directly, and rate the product. What more can be done? (Disclaimer: views represented in this post are solely mine, and do not necessarily represent those of Invision Power Services, Inc)
  5. Do let us know if you experience funny behaviour though :) Mine does some weird stuff but then it's probably because it's developer unlocked.
  6. It is widely considered to be very poor security practice to indicate for a failed login which aspect of the details is incorrect. As a general rule, no properly secured application will ever tell you whether it was the user name or password which is incorrect. My personal opinion is that it is unlikely you'll ever see this.
  7. Images aren't supported in chat, nor are text size or colour options. IP.Chat is intended to be a fast, lightweight chat solution with the bare minimum of formatting to keep chatting sleek and clean. A WYSIWYG editor would be kind of pointless if the only options supported are bold, italic and underline.
  8. As Brandon said, not dead at all. I am currently waiting on some of the chaos from the 3.2 release to die down (every major release is somewhat chaotic, it's the nature of software development :)) and once that has flattened out then I'm looking to get through some rapidfire testing cycles, and release it at the same time as the new version of the iPhone app (which is already done, just waiting for Android to catch up).
  9. It sounds like Peerblock has the Content Delivery Network that the CSS and Images are on blocked. You would probably need to take that up with the maintainers of the Peerblock list.
  10. Oh. I'll move this thread to the correct location for you then.
  11. I don't understand the question - and I'm not sure you're even asking for support. Is this feedback or a support question?
  12. [quote name='Psionmark' timestamp='1309512845'] Should I be able to download the beta? It says I don't have access permissions when clicking the link above. You need to have an active board support service. I apologise for failing to mention that.
  13. [quote name='Chetan105' timestamp='1309336401'] Can we order the White lable app for Android right away ? No, we're still in beta for the regular version. But it actually comes with it, so as soon as it's available we work with you to get it running. [quote name='martinopia' timestamp='1309356131'] Do one get the source code for the app so that one can integrate the forum app into an app on its own? No.
  14. [quote name='Johnrc' timestamp='1309207006'] I was among the first to purchase the white labe service.... still waiting for my iPhone app months later. Unfortunately, early adopters were struck by an issue with getting approval from Apple, which I'm confident we've finally managed to resolve. We're deploying a couple of trial customers with the latest version (not even seen in the official IPS mobile app yet) which once approved will be rolled out to all the existing white label customers. We don't envisage this issue coming up again, and in fact our recent change to requiring you to have your own account if you don't already have a request in is to mitigate this in future.
  15. Two words: push notifications. It's not done yet, but it will be. A few other things too, but that's really the killer feature.
  16. Around this time last year, we unveiled the IP.Board Communities app for iPhones. Since then, many community owners have told us that they would like to be able to offer this application customized for their forum, with their own branding. To meet this need, we introduced the White Label Mobile Applications service, and the response has been overwhelming! So you can see what the white label applications can do for you, we'll take you through two of our customers' apps. eFestivals Forum eFestivals is a UK-based website all about festivals, with an unparalleled store of festival news, guides, and ticket information. eFestivals Forums is an example of a basic white labeled application, which you can check out on the App Store. White label applications allow you to change the colors and images on the login screen to match your own branding, making the app more reflective of your community. Like the generic IP.Board Communities app, a white label app like this one uses the mobile skin, allowing advanced customization without a single change to the application. Also like the IP.Board Communities app, iPad is fully supported, and displays using the full skin for better use of the larger screen size Volvospeed Connect Volvospeed is a community where you can find reviews, guides,technical information and discussions about anything Volvo. When Volvospeed came to us, they asked if we could make a single application offering unified access to all their communities. The answer is- yes! With this application, a user can log into every forum in the list with the same user name and password, almost as if it were one forum. iPad is again fully supported. Pricing and Availability The white label mobile applications are available now! You can purchase this service right from your client area by clicking New Purchase, then selecting "Services" and "White-Label Mobile Applications", or you can read more about it first. Future Plans We have lots of ideas to improve the attractiveness of the white-label option, and will continue to improve it. In the near future, white label apps will gain the ability to take advantage of push notifications among other great features. Android App On a similar topic, one of the first questions we were asked when the original iPhone application was released last year was: will there be an Android app? The answer is, again, yes! We're pleased to announce that you can now get involved in testing of the Android application in our pre-release testing forum! Easy login to all your IP.Board Communities Like the iPhone application, you can add a list of all the IP.Board communities you visit, and save your username/password for easy one-tap access. Uses standard mobile skin The app uses your standard mobile skin when browsing the forum. This allows your members to have a consistent experience across all the mobile devices they use, and allowing you to customize it to your liking. Sharing Android offers a robust and full-featured content sharing system, which we have integrated. This means you can share your content any way your device allows, whether that be by email, SMS, tweet, or any other way you can think of! And much more! As we are in the beta stages, not everything is finished yet… but once ready it will have the same options your iPhone members already enjoy –sharing pictures to IP.Gallery, status updates, push notifications*, and more! *push notifications will require IP.Board 3.2 to operate Pricing and Availability We are hoping to have the final release available with or near the release of IP.Board 3.2. You'll be pleased to hear that the Android application continues to be free to your members. The white label option is also available, allowing you to have your own custom iPhone and Android application, offered with your branding to your own members. Future Ideas We have lots of great ideas to improve this app and will continue to do so, and we invite you to submit your own ideas for consideration. We may not reply to all feedback, but rest assured we do read and consider it! We invite you to head over to the pre-release testing forum, download the app and give it a try! It's beta, so you may encounter some bugs, missing features, or features you'd like to see done differently. Please don't hesitate to report to the bug tracker or post to our feedback forum anything that comes to mind! And now, I'll just leave you with this little teaser...
  17. As has been mentioned in other threads, the obstruction of the other system messages is a known bug fixed in an upcoming beta refresh. You should also have a read of this post: as you can now enter a test install key which does not consume your live license but does remove the message. We do listen :)
  18. It means allow_url_fopen is disabled in your PHP configuration. I'd recommend checking if there's a bug logged for it and if there isn't one, logging it.
  19. I presume it is a reference to password protected forums. In which case it continues to be something configured via the ACP like most Category and Forum settings.
  20. It looks like you're writing a letter...

    1. AndyF


      The nasty paperclip tool ?

    2. Amy T

      Amy T

      What Andyf said.

    3. Katsuma


      3.2.0 should show that when a user types more than 140 characters.

  21. There's no link to even get to the downloads application on the mobile skin - you'd have to be going out of your way to even see it.
  22. I don't believe the downloads application supports mobile access - it's relatively pointless since the iPhone at least won't support downloading stuff (though I believe Android will, so we may make it work at some point). Not sure I understand your question about API users.
  23. It could be documented better, but you can achieve this by visiting the mod's download page and clicking "Like". You will then receive an email (or PM, or mobile push notification) when it is updated.
  24. You know, we have a feedback forum and a bug tracker for just that sort of thing - if we don't know it's an issue, how are we supposed to know to change it? Anyway, expect that specific issue at least to be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately, you're unlikely to see attachment uploading in the next version. I am still pondering how I can achieve that while still retaining the mobile skin browsing experience which we have positive feedback from many forum owners on.
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