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  1. I hear you on that one! Over 50% of my site's visitors are on mobile devices... and my 3.4 installation is sadly lacking in that department. I have to admit that xenForo has started looking interesting to me again... but I've got so much invested in IPS.
  2. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    This is a great start! Thanks! How would one go about producing smaller record image thumbnails for the older articles in the grid below the full-width latest article? Likewise, what if you want to use a smaller font for the titles in the grid?
  3. CKEditor Plugin: Preview Aside from the already mentioned BBCode problem, there is also the issue of different font sizes / line spacing for CKEditor vs an actual finished post. I publish some pretty sophisticated documents with lists of items containing floated images, purchasing links, etc., and what CKEditor displays is NOT the same as what IPB 4.0 produces in the end. I understand there are some CSS changes that you can do to make CKEditor and IPB 4.0 agree on a post, but the fact that they're different out of the box is pretty stupid IMHO.
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Can you share how you did your Shoutcast Radio block? I've been thinking about doing something like that.
  5. Remove "Edited by" line?

    Members > Groups > Edit (Member Group) > Content Tab - Editing - Can edit silently? [ON]
  6. MAMP Pro/localhost Error Uploading Images

    Yup. I also made sure that /Applications/MAMP/tmp/php is writable.
  7. MAMP Pro/localhost Error Uploading Images

    I get similar errors regardless of which method I choose. GD, attempting to add an image to a record in Pages: I get a similar error when attempting to add an image to a forum post:
  8. CKeditor developers?

    It shouldn't be too difficult to write your own CKEditor plugin by modifying their sample abbreviation plugin. I'm not a javascript developer, myself, but this looks fairly easy to follow: Creating a Simple CKEditor Plugin (Part 1) Creating a Simple CKEditor Plugin (Part 2)
  9. Short of installing one plugin/button at a time, is there an easy method to implement a full-featured version of CKEditor? Will doing so produce any conflicts with IPB 4?
  10. I'm running a test installation of Beta 5a using MAMP Pro, all appears to be well, except that I get a 'Filename cannot be empty' error message whenever I attempt to add an image to a post, profile, etc. I have both gd and imagick enabled, and I get a similar error regardless of which one I choose in IPB's settings. Does anyone know what is happening here? I can see that the images are being added to uploads/monthly_2015_01/, but thumbnails aren't created, and nothing shows up in a post or profile photo, etc. The good news is that 'Remove Orphaned Files' is working perfectly. LOL!
  11. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    My server is running MYSQL 5.5.36 and PHP 5.4.29. Running the script, I appear to get errors all the way down the page. Anyone want to take a look here and offer suggestions as to what might be wrong? Thanks!
  12. "Help Area"; 4.0?

    Can we get some friendly URL pages for Terms of Service / Privacy Policy / Copyright? I've been using the help section as my not-very-elegant solution for these necessities.
  13. Apple App Store BBCode

    It would be best, for now, to stick to using only the ID portion of the link. It will avoid this: URL Portion of BBCode Converted to Link Upon Edit You don't have another script for handling iTunes Music Store affiliate links, do you? I can't see a way to do a single BBCode without calling a custom script because the syntax for an individual track is not the same as for an album.
  14. Huh? onStart. onStart. onStart. onStart.
  15. Editor?

    What's going to happen to custom BBCodes that call on php scripts? I've got a BBCode for inserting iTunes Music Store affiliate links into posts that relies on a php script to determine how to add my affiliate tag based on whether it's an individual track or an entire album that is being linked to as the syntax is different for each. Am I going to be screwed? :cry: