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There are two types of members on my forum:
1. those that come and stay daily, posting hundreds of replies (in different forums)
2. those that come for a very short time searching for an ad (buy and sell section)

These people that are staying daily on the forum, are annoyed by the "view new content" functionality by not having an option to personalize their view new content preferences. They want to see new content only from specific forums. (some want only from the "buy and sell section" and some want that completely excluded)

As an admin have no interest in limiting the view new content to show only topics from specific forums, so this should come to members.

It would be great to have this feature in 3.2

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i've read that blog post 2 times before starting this topic. The improvements detailed in the blog post are ok i believe (i had no complaints about those aspects so far) but my members seem to need the functionality that i described above.

I understand them and i found their request quite fair because they are wasting time now searching through the "view new content page" and it's not a pleasant time spent either.

They should have the ability to filter out the view new content page.

I believe a custom block could also be made for IP Content to display on the front page of a site the latest topics and replies based on the members saved criteria (if he is logged in), if he isn't the block could show latest topics and replies from all forums or specific ones.

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