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Suggestion: 3.2.0 Profiles


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Well Detail:

More.. hum.. professional, like what ya do with admin cp.. nice and clean design for everything, the profile page are kinda good as it is, but
maybe make a 2 column profile? The profile image and info on the side it is now and usefull, and Settings links and last visitors on other side.. As the Friends area, maybe put it in the sidebar and
let the members choose how many others will see, same on visitors(yeah, as it is now),

And the status, wannabe Facebook, its kinda last night news, i really dont like facebook + all its content.. they "nerfed" it last update :P
As it was before IPS made it 99% like facebook, that was a nice one, Over the tabs(About me, topics etc), u can have a Status thingy!

Settings, the way it is now, its hard to navigate and you have to click on all settings links to find what you want!
The Settings NEED a new design and more user friendly! like i said above, about the side bar with settings links(Usefull links, such as: Edit Profile image, edit profile information etc)

Just, a clean and user friendly design in settings and at the profile page! :)

I hope you understand :)

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