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My Liked Content & Content You Like not showing?


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I didn't even know these items existed until I saw there was an issue with the last version of it missing some of the laungage info. I have these links on the user drop down menu and the settings menu on my test site, but none of the live boards all running the same version have it for some reason?

Are there some settings to enable these to show up that i'm missing?

I also noticed that this site doesn't have them either, so I'm sure it's a setting somewhere?

any ideas?

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Is it not covered at [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-26094-various-phrases-missing-with-regards-to-the-like-system"]http://community.inv...the-like-system[/url] ?

No this is a different issue from what I can see.... on one board they show up and work fine... but on the others I don't see the options on the pulldown at all or in the settings menu.

That thread referred to the options being there but there was some data missing so it created a blank space in between the links.

This forum itself doesn't have the options either, so it must be a setting I'm missing somewhere, it has to be something simple I assume.
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