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Share your my.cnf if you have a 16gb ram server

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What do you think about this?

Which is better for the invision forum?

concurrent_insert= 1 or 2 ?

1 = (Default) Enables concurrent insert for MyISAM tables that don't have holes
2 = Enables concurrent inserts for all MyISAM tables, even those that have holes.
For a table with a hole, new rows are inserted at the end of the table if it is in use by another thread.
Otherwise, MySQL acquires a normal write lock and inserts the row into the hole.

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Default means no limits - This is where you build your own. If you run the perl mysqltuner.pl on default - It will show what to insert based on the current mysql needs.

No mysql can EVER be built in 10 mins, For a fully tuned mysql it can take several days.

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