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There are lots of people on my forum adding liks like:

www.something.com which are always interpreted as text by the board.

It would definetely be good for my forum to transform them into hyperlinks automatically and that means:
- when a user enters www.something.com to be automatically changed to http://www.something.com ; As you can see the last one is a hyperlink without me having to tell the board interpret it that way.

I've tried convincing users to enter the url correctly for the last couple of years but there are simply new and new users that i cannot contact each and every time to explain them how things work

The biggest drawbak for not parsing the urls automatically is that my site could be a better refferer for others and therefore improve my chances of selling advertising spaces on my forum.

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I am having the same problem, but I am new to the IP boards. I am setting up my forum for the launch our new game, and I cannot post a link. I have been looking for a setting that I might have missed without avail and I have selected the "hyperlink" button but it still comes out as text. I am worried my users will have the same issues. Thank you for your help.

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I agree, it would be nice if a www.site.com would parse to a link....

What would be even better is if the link would get changed to the title of the page you are linking too, there is a mod I use on all my vb sites that does this and it's very nice.

I would pay someone to add this as a mod to IPS....

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