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Thread tags, tag cloud, meta's for threads, seo?

Gabriel Petrelli

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I have some suggestions, something I think would be somewhat useful for IPB. Allow threads to be tagged with keywords, like a tag cloud and allow tags to be searched. When tags are searched, it will bring up the threads tagged with a specific keyword. I would also like to suggest to allow unique meta descriptions/keywords to be inputted for specific threads, sort of like what Minerva SEO did with their SEO module for IPB 2.3.x.

A couple other things, make the nofollow attribute affect all links, not just user posted links or links in posts. Ability to specify stopwords for the url, so common words are stripped from the url so you get a more keyword rich url. Implement an official rewrite for the portal, so it displays as http://www.urlsite.com/portal/ which would be nice since the forum and other apps are rewritten.

Cleaner url structure

Right now this is the typical structure:

Forum view:


Strip out the bolded part so it becomes


Topic view:


Again, what is up with that? :P

Instead something like this:




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