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Upgrade php and MySql and change from MyISAM to MyISAM

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I have the intention to upgrade my server with the new PHP and MySQL scripts, and exactly from PHP 5.2.14 to php 5.3.3 and MySQL from 5.1.44 to MySQL 5.5
I would ask you if some of you had issues with those new version of the scripts, and would go ahead, as I would then install Sphinx and change tables from MyISAM to InnoDB.
Your experience?

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Thank you for your answer,
I've changed from Plesk to cPanel and many processes look really simple now. About InnoDB are tyou converting the all tables? I don't have (not sure but..) the sphinx module, but in any cases my guess is re-load my.cnf with new values, due the small-size value it has actually. With 5.5.8 InnoDB is improved by default, without any extra stuff to install. Just tell me how do you see stuffs now, after the upgrade. 5.5.8 is it a MySQL stable release?

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