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Download: (Wolf31) Timed Trial Products


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File Name: (Wolf31) Timed Trial Products
File Submitter: Wolfie
File Submitted: 25 Nov 2010
File Updated: 22 Sep 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

The file(s) offered for download are timed trials of either existing paid hooks or hooks that are being tested for release. Please keep in mind that all trials are ionCube encoded and as such your hosting server must support ionCube loaders to use the trials.

Newest Members in Sidebar trial valid during March, June, September and December.
Shows you the newest members to register on your site.
[ Click here for full version ] Regular price: $5.00

Simply put, it's simple instructions on installing the trial products.

Why trial it?
- If your hosting server doesn't support ionCube and you can't get it working, then you lose nothing.
- If it doesn't function as needed or there is a bug in it, you can wait for the bug to be fixed before spending money on it.
- If you try it and like it, then you can purchase the full product and continue to use it indefinitely.

Discounts may apply when purchasing the full version of products during their trial period.

Please report all bugs, problems, issues, etc in the bug tracker at N*Raged

File version does not reflect version numbers of trialed products.

Click here to download this file
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