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Email integration ?

Mathieu LB

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I don't believe this is possible. There is an application being developed that will basically allow you to run your own webmail system off of your board, but this doesn't really do what you were getting at in your post.


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Is this feature still under consideration by IPS?

It exists for phpBB2, and it's been in (stalled) development for phpBB3 under the name mail2forum. It also exists for vBulletin 3.x as a supported extension called Email Integration.

One of my forums makes extensive use of mail2forum, and it adds significant value to the members because it allows those who prefer email communication to be active, while those who prefer an online interface can avoid emails if they wish. Best of both worlds!

Mail2Forum handles attachments, too. The way it works is fairly simple: Each forum is assigned an email address and registered users can send an email to that address thereby starting a new topic. Users "subscribe" to individual forums and each time a post is made, all subscribed users get the post (and attachments) by email. They can reply to the email message, and their reply is threaded in the forum thread. It's a very neat idea, unfortunately the development stalled for phpBB3, so we're stuck having to use phpBB2 which is getting old and doesn't support much of what modern forums offer.

I would love to buy the IPS community suite if it included the email integration feature!

So, what do you say, IPS? Can you do it?


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