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Tweak the "user quoted a post you made" notification


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I love the "user quoted a post you made" notification feature. Helps me follow up on posts. I do have a few suggestions to make this feature more useful. I will outline these suggestions below:

1) I never use the "post you made" link. In fact I've accidently clicked it when I meant to click "quoted". I would like to see the "post you made" link removed and extend the "quoted" link to "quoted a post you made".

2) "user quoted a post you made" is extremely vague. From a glance you don't know what topic this happened in. Would be nice if it said "User quoted your post in `Topic Title`". If the topic title was to long it could be cut off with "...".

3) This has been mentioned before, but it would be nice if clicking the notification drop down didn't clear all notifications and a "Clear All" link was added. Perhaps an option to toggle this behavior would satisfy everyone?

4) I have mentioned this before... But it would be nice if the "user quoted a post" notification also applied with the post= or name= part (at least post=) of the quote tag, at least on the initial posting. Basically increase the chances of this notification happening.

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