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Very pleased


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I'll tell you what! this new 3.1.2 version is just brilliant...

As some of you will know i was having problems upgrading from 3.0.5 what with one thing or another, but with the assistance of IPS staff i got upgraded and since then things have just gone up a level for us at spiritcharms.

Membership for some reason had started to fall off, but since this new board we are getting on average two members a day joining up, probably because of the viral effect of facebook connect, and sharing and of course the like button, which all works perfectly. This Notification thing is also bringing old members back in that havent visited for a while too.. :whistle:

not to mention with the new profile customizations and comments in the status, members just love it, and of course its made those members who use those IPOD app things very happy as they can use it with those two.

Just brilliant :thumbsup:

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