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Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

Chris Christian

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Hey chris. Thanks for the mod, very interesting.

I have a question. I don't understand the "exp modifier" how does it work exactly?

I tried changing the modifier around and looking at a member with 112 posts.

mod = 1, level = 15
mod = 2, level = 11
mod = 3, level = 9
mod = 4, level = 8

I really can't figure out. Would you mind explaining how it work please? I'd really love to be able to calculate the actual posts for each level, because I already have IPB ranking system set up, just need to match the post count :)


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Hi! :)

I think this mod works very well with the current version of IP.Board.
I decided to wait until IP.Boad 3.2 is released to release a new version of RPG Status.

In the mean time, I´m now porting this mod to another forum software that I´m actively using in my other projects.

So just stay tuned for the next version for IP.Board.

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I don't know.

And, despite this plugin is free and can be used free of charge, it's very sad to see after more than 250 downloads and 2050 views (for IPB3), no one has made a single donation. For IPB 2.x this was the same. Zero donations.
I will not ask or force anyone to donate, never. But this trend is very discouraging to develop and create new versions.

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I run a website and pay for my hosting through donations (and also my IPB license actually), so I've had to raise over $300. You have to be *aggressive* about donations if you actually want to make money, otherwise you really won't be able to get anything. Just having a donate link/button doesn't generate any revenue unfortunately :<

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Just installed to IPB 3.3 and while I can see the changes in the posts, I am also having the issue where the bars have no colour. The .png and .gif files are in the correct folders.

The solution, for me, was to replace all instances of style_images with public/style_images.

Now, do you have any idea what I can do to remove Skype's tentacles from the system?


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The Skype logo is caused I believe by browser addon you have installed, called as I remember: Skype Call Me. If so, then every user having this browser addon installed will get it displayed like this, I am not sure but I guess there is an code possibility to omit it for specified web parts. Try to add space before and after the slash /

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