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  1. Agreed! Crippled software for faithful customers who prefer to self host...
  2. That's awesome indeed! I'm unsure about the meaning of this sentence "available for Cloud and Enterprise Community customers exclusively". Arent the vast majority of ipb license holders non cloud or enterprise customers?
  3. Fosters, any plans to upgrade this to 4.5?
  4. Yeah, I must've missed your point and I obviously didn't know what I was talking about either because you didn't understand a single one of my points either. Oh well, peace at last. 😉
  5. The big invision upgrade has lasted more than 12 months! When did the first beta come out? but that's besides the point. I'm not talking about your case in particular, but about any app on the market. And from what I've read in this thread, I'm pretty sure TheJackal would be keener to upgrade his app (properly!) if his pricing structure were one which included renewal fees. It's my opinion, that's all. Going back to your particular case, I'd request a full refund (and if you paid via paypal and are a regular user, you're quite likely to get it).
  6. What's so hard to understand about this? You're talking about a product that was released how long ago? 3 years? circumstances change. The developer will make no money whatsoever from his customer-base, because they have all bought it already, so he's not gonna be as keen on polishing his app. Sure, there will be exceptions, but I'd rather have an active developer being rewarded for a product I like than one who can choose to or not to update an app that was made ages ago.
  7. In my experience, those expectations are reasonable but unrealistic. There are so many plugins and themes that were never updated that we could write a telephone book with the list...
  8. I too purchased this, and it was a great app. TheJackal: I think you should add a renewal scheme to this app, I'm sure most people who've purchased this app would approve. whenever a new version of ipb comes out, it's a "P.I.T.A" for customers to have to give up the app. We understand that renewing it takes time and work, so it makes sense to add the renewal option, so that there's some incentive for you too, so please consider it.
  9. Thanks Paul! 👍 It's a feature I used to use a while ago and had forgotten about it! Thanks Square Wheels! 👍
  10. I seem to recall that there was a setting in the member group management section where I could choose whether guests could download attachments, but I can't find it. Has it been removed or is it a setting which can be adjusted on a "per forum" basis?
  11. Telemacus2

    Radical Tags

    Yes, it does! thanks a lot! 👍 Cheers!
  12. Telemacus2

    Radical Tags

    Thanks a lot Makoto, very kind of you. (do you get any sleep?? 😃) I think I see what's happening. If My forum is setup to require a prefix BUT I also click on "Prefix: Users can only choose from a specified set of prefixes", when I new post is created in that forum, a user will not have the option to add a tag as well as a prefix (which I find a bit illogical, as having to pick from a set of prefixes shouldn't really affect the option to add tags also), but I'm sure there's a good reason for this.
  13. Telemacus2

    Radical Tags

    I think I've done something wrong. I've created several tags with the "convert tags to prefixes" option activated. I've also created some tags without that option. However, when I create a new thread, I don't get the option to add tags, only prefixes. I wish I could use a tag I've created as either a prefix or a tag.
  14. Telemacus2

    Radical Tags

    I uninstalled "AT&P" before installing this. After installation, I get this error on the Radical tags admin panel and I cannot create tags or anything.
  15. Telemacus2

    Radical Tags

    So, just to be clear. If I install this on a board which is currently runing"Advanced tags and prefixes", must that app be enabled or disabled in order for radical tags to be able to detect it and import the current tags and prefixes?
  16. Telemacus2

    Cookie Notice

    Does this work with 4.5?
  17. Amazing! what are the requirements? like, do you need the gallery or pages app for this to work?
  18. Alright, I will, thanks.
  19. I upgraded my site to 4.5 but when I try to update this app, I keep getting the message: "Something went wrong, please try again". Should I delete and re-install? How do I keep the quizzes that I'd already made with the previous versions?
    Does exactly what it says it does. Hard to believe nobody made a pdf viewer before.
  20. Thanks Adriano, the issue has been sorted out following your advice! Regards.
  21. I'm having a problem with the links directory (v.5.31, ipb 4.4). For some reason, the app is not working for some user groups. Takes guests for example: I've made sure the group can access the links directory. I have also double checked that they can see the different categories. yet, when they click on the links app, they just get an error page: Apparently, regular members are getting the same error. Admins can see everything just fine. What could be going wrong?
  22. Has the "members who can add tickers" option been removed? I can't find it on the acp.
  23. Renewing a license is perfectly normal and legal. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about forcing a user to buy the same license to use the same piece of software, not renewing it.
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