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    Does exactly what it says it does. Hard to believe nobody made a pdf viewer before.
  1. Thanks Adriano, the issue has been sorted out following your advice! Regards.
  2. I'm having a problem with the links directory (v.5.31, ipb 4.4). For some reason, the app is not working for some user groups. Takes guests for example: I've made sure the group can access the links directory. I have also double checked that they can see the different categories. yet, when they click on the links app, they just get an error page: Apparently, regular members are getting the same error. Admins can see everything just fine. What could be going wrong?
  3. Has the "members who can add tickers" option been removed? I can't find it on the acp.
  4. Renewing a license is perfectly normal and legal. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about forcing a user to buy the same license to use the same piece of software, not renewing it.
  5. Not sure if what I'm saying is correct (better double check with someone from ithe team), but you could, in theory, install a different CKEditor "skin" (available from the ckeditor website). Some of them use "double deck", and all you'd need to do is remove + add buttons later from your board's ACP.
  6. I understand that you must have a policy, but it's hard to comprehend the reason for this (other than "greed", which, I have to say, does come to mind). I mean, a new license for pages, commerce, downloads and gallery costs 350$. They need to be renewed every 6 months. But if I only want to renew the forum software after 6 months, I can't unless I uninstall those apps, which means that I'll need to pay another 350$ in the future if I install them again. I agree that the argument that new versions of the forum software are usually not compatible with older versions of the apps, BUT if that was really your main concern, you'd give people the option to uninstall those apps (so that the forum software would work fine) and KEEP their licenses in case they wanted to reinstall those apps in the future by simply renewing a license which they purchased legally. A "win win" situation for most companies, but apparently not for invision. To be honest, I have serious doubts about this whole policy even being legal (i.e. forcing users to buy a license several times to use the same product ). At the very least, I, and many other users, find it abusive.
  7. Upgraded to the latest version. Running ipb 4.4.1 with php 7.3 I'm getting frequent internal 500 errors. I ran the mysql tool to fix any errors in the database, all seems good. I disable tags and prefixes = no errors whatsoever. I enable it again = errors again. I've tried this several times, so something in the app is causing it. I've checked the error log, and this is what I get: [Mon Mar 11 12:48:56.341476 2019] [core:info] [pid 384278:tid 47035697276672] [client] AH00128: File does not exist: /home/mysite/public_html/forums/uploads/css_built_7/62e269ced0fdab7e30e026f1d30ae516_forums.css.44ad6ffba2a538cba84e4dd18f4ef9ad.css, referer: https://www.mysite.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1907-%C2%BFqu%C3%A9-se-sabe-del-gm-julio-granda/&page=0&tab=comments
  8. With members shop, is it possible for an admin to charge points to read a post (even if I need to create a specific category where all posts have a "points fee"). The reason why I'm asking is that I'm considering implementing a system where members can watch exclusive videos when they pay some points. Perhaps there's a simpler way of implementing such a system?
  9. Totally agree with Brainy! never knew this plugin even existed. Will keep an eye on it...
  10. Just curious: This doesn't work with threads inside a forum's club, does it?
  11. This looks quite interesting! Question: Is it possible to change the size of the note? it's a little too large for my liking, like I'd probably want to edit it and make it like 60-70% of its current size.
  12. Ok, no worries, fixed. What happened is when I edited those prefixes manually from Capital to lower in the "manage prefixes" section of the acp, each forum's list of allowed prefixes doesnt' update the change, so when I changed a prefix from "Exclusive" to "exclusive", that "exclusive" prefixe would no longer be available in that forum until I reedited that forum's list of allowed prefixes.
  13. Weird problem that I'm having: I disabled this app before upgrading forum from 3.x to 4.2. Then purchaded new version and upgraded the app on my site. All seemed to work all right, no issues. It inhereted 9 prefixes from the previous version. Added 4 new prefixes (totalling 13). Enabled those prefixes on the forums I wanted them to be available. Now I can only see the new 4 prefixes when posting a new thread, but not the old ones. :-? (they are there when I go to "manage prefixes" in the ACP. I've tried the tools (fixing errors, recaching). Still same issue. (The old ones used a capital letter, and I edited them manually to lower in the manage prefixes)
  14. Oh, that's excellent! I thought those were global permissions, not on a "per quiz" basis.
  15. Thanks for the reply. 1) I meant choose which member groups can take a quiz (of my choice), not which member groups can take "any" quiz. (i.e. there are some quizzes which perhaps you only want certain groups to be able to take and so on).
  16. Feature requests: 1) choose member groups which can take a quiz. 2) password protect a quiz 3) Only members who have access to sub-forum xxx can see/take this quiz.
  17. Someone who pays for a link can't choose where it goes. And the admin can't choose the sorting criteria of the links. Oh well, I guess all those link php scripts that have been selling for years were wrong and you're right. I'm sorry I mentioned it!
  18. How can you say that you don't see value in this? the weight option has been used for decades in php link scripts. Obviously the submitters have no say in the weight of a link, only the admins. (perhaps the default weight is, say, "5"). Since all new links get 5, the app sorts them using the default method. However, when the admin changes the weight of a link, say 99, that link will appear first on the list. 0 appears last, and so on.
  19. Fair enough about the categories. As for pinning the links, sure, that's a workaround, but still rather limited if you've got several pinned topics, since you won't be able to choose the order in which they're listed. Not to mention that you could also have some links which you'd like to see listed last, and there's no way to do that. So I think this could be a pretty interesting new feature.
  20. I recently renewed my license and am now considering installling this on another site. I've got a couple of questions / suggestions. 1) At present, I don't think it's possible to add a link to more than 1 category. There are many scenarios where this would be pretty useful. Imagine mine was a coding site, and I had links to sites of great ipb coders, and had classified them in different categories, say... languages. Portuguese, English, Italian, whatever... If I add a coder and his site to one of those categories, say Portuguese, I'd have to create another link in the English speaking category, and possibly more categories! (Not sure if this is even possible at present, because the old app detected the url and said that a new link couldn't have the same url as an existing one. Even if were possible to have 2 different links sharing the same url, this would still be a bit messy, because when it came to ratings, the votes for the same link in one category could be different from those in another category, and so on. Of course this is just one of many possible scenarios, this happened to me all the time with the 3.4.2 app. 2) I don't think this is possible at present either (but I could be totally wrong!). I'd like links to have a "weight" value. Thus, the ones with more weight will be at the top and listed first. Admins can change the weight manually. Why? basically, I think it makes a lot of sense to put paid links at the top of the list. And when there are no paid links, I would also like to see some links listed first, maybe because I honestly think they're the best, perhaps because they're other sites of mine (and it makes little sense to see my own links listed on page 4!), or for whatever reason. Perhaps a more technical word than "weight" would be "link positioning".
  21. Never mind. After a few more tries, it decided to work. :-? Cheers.
  22. I decided to uninstall my previous version, as many of the links were outdated anyway. (from applications-> out of date applications) Then I tried a new fresh install. But this is the error that I'm getting: 2C133/4 The application you are attempting to install appears to be installed already. To reinstall the application you must first uninstall it.
  23. No reason! I thought maybe you couldn't upgrade from 3.4 to 4.2 (as in 4.2 being the version for ipb 4.0, 4.1).
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