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Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

Chris Christian

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File Name: RPG Status for IP.Board 3
File Submitter: Chris Christian
File Submitted: 27 Sep 2010
File Updated: 27 Sep 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

RPG Status is a modification that shows in all posts of every topic, statistics and ranks in RPG-based format.
If you want, you can enable the optional rank system in Admin CP as well.
RPG Status is good to incentive your members to participate even more and to increase activity in your forums.


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This Modification is licensed under Creative Commons. Click the image below to read the license:


Version: 2.0.0

Compatibilility: IP.Board 3.1.0 or newer

Languages: English and Portuguese Brazilian


  • RPG-based posting statistics
  • Statistics can be modified to different degrees
  • Modifiable starting point
  • Maximum Level
  • All settings in Admin CP for easy configuration
  • Language file for easy translation
  • Simple rank system with customizable rank names (can be enable or disable)
  • Rank images (can be enable or disable)
  • Color schemes to best fit skins
  • Modification can be enable or disable

Click here to download this file


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As i am not into RPG games i am slightly confused as to what each bar represents,

For example, in this screenshot:

[ screenshot ]

How is the number determined before and after the slash.

Also what is EXP and how is it determined.

Thank you.


All options for this mod are explained, defined and well commented in the RPG Status configurations in Admin CP. It's very easy to setup and configure.
The readme.html file has also some good infos. If you have more questions, please fell free to post. :)
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It´s a cool mod Chris :P

Now i still need to find a RPG Game for our forum :D

I think this mod already transforms your forum into a simple online RPG. Your forum is the RPG, so no need for a separate game or another system.

I´m now thinking of adding a simple point system, so that members can earn "Gold".
The system will have options to configure the currency name, symbol and how many gold the members will earn (configurable).

What you think about this?
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we don't need a point system cos there already a point system app so no need for it..may be you can add rewards system with it so that members get little rewards..

1.Posting Award
2.Frequent Poster i
3.Most Popular
4.User with most referrers
5.Calendar Award
6.Activity Award

Also a Achievements will be nice also::

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This is a fantastic mod. I loved it for 2.3, and I love it now. I'm glad you remade it for the new IPB version!

I'm a little confused about the HP bar, though. I have it set to go by the percentage of the forum's total posts. So everyone's HP bar is barely full at all. For example, this is the fullest HP on my board:

In the last version, wasn't it total posts that day? I remember more posting meaning higher HP, so would it be possible to use total board posts that DAY in a future version? Or am I just missing something and reading this totally wrong? XD

As for gold, there are already points systems out there. I already have ibEconomy installed, so I personally wouldn't use a points system with RPG stats. However, it would be cool if you could come up with integration for existing points systems.

EDIT: Okay, derp, I just noticed the percent needed for full HP bar part at the bottom. Still, I'd love to have the HP bar fluctuate depending on your percent of the posts that particular day rather than all time.

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The point system that I´m planing for RPG Status can be used for admins that don´t want to use a complex and resource intensive mod.
RPG Status Gold System will not add extra queries or tables, so it will be super simple and light on the server.

I´m thinking of adding some sort of simple achievements or rewards system in adition to the rank system.

As for the definitions of HP/MP, I´m also thinking of adding two or three more, so admins can have more freedom to configure and personalize their forums.

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Well I am no webmaster, and I tried. But did not work, I gave up! If someone wants to help me feel free to email me at cafeboricua@gmail.com If not then I will uninstall it... thanks

You just need to upload the folder PUBLIC to the root of your IP.Board installation (where index.php is located). Everything inside this folder will be uploaded too.

What FTP program are you using?
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