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Upgraded to 3.1.2 and still have problems with ibf_core_item_markers

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Hello ! :)

My board has been upgraded to version 3.1.2 but I still have problems with the ibf_core_item_markers table.

At moment, mysql uses about 130% cpu and at these moments I see many lines like this one in mysql processes :

Locked UPDATE ibf_core_item_markers SET item_is_deleted=1 WHERE item_key='32b6cc395f7755f8e1a0cddb5d77e52b'

or this one :

Locked INSERT INTO ibf_core_item_markers (`item_key`,`item_member_id`,`item_app`,`item_last_update`,`item_l

The only solution is to set "Enable Topic Marking Tracking?" to "No".

Is there another way ?

Thank you ! :)
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