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Suggestion: Calendar Anniversaries


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I have a video game forum, and in the 5 years I have been running a IPB forum.....I have never really used the calendar. I just had an idea for the calendar though.....What if I used it to mark anniversaries of video game events.


The Nintendo Entertainment System was released on October 18, 1985. What if I could enter that date into the calendar, and every October 18th it would say at the bottom of my forums.....

Today is the anniversary of the "Nintendo Entertainment System" (25)

I could then just enter in 200-500 important dates into my calendar, and every day my members would see the anniversary of important dates in video game history.

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You currently have to put them in one at a time, but it is possible:

Board > Calendar > Add Recurring Event

Then select: Recurring Event Every (Year)


Is there a master list somewhere (like comma delimited or XML or anything?)?
I've tried to look for an importable Holiday list but haven't found anything there either.
If there is a list, someone might be able to make a mod that will import it en masse.

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I would like to bring this back up again and elaborate on it. Now on my forum I am looking to use the calendar as a recurring timeline that will stir feelings of nostalgia. I am entering important dates in video game history and setting them to recur each year. What's annoying is that by default, the side hook disables showing recurring events. I want them to show, so that members visiting my board can see "what past gaming events happened on this date". So what I am proposing is an "Anniversary" option that would do the following....

Show how many years (just like birthdays show how old a person is)
Have no end date (I have been setting all my events to end in 2999)
Show up on the forum side hooks (to act as a conversation starter)

Now I know many people may be thinking that this is something that is limited, but really any forum can use this anniversary feature....

Run a car forum - you could have anniversaries of the first Camaro or Mustang showing up
Run a history forum - you could have anniversaries of important battles showing up

The thing is that I feel like Events are things like "remember to balance the check book" or "take out the trash". The event system is great for these types of events where you need a recurring reminder, but I am looking for something that will create conversations and provide an edge over other communities.

Just a suggestion %7Boption%7D

Check here for my Calendar

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