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  1. Let's talk cars for a minute. What you've done by moving that block of stats is take the speedometer (something you use everyday and is vitally important to the functional operations of your vehicle) off the dashboard and placed it in the trunk instead, replacing it with more prominent notices for recalls, advertisements for the current model year, and other messages from the manufacturer of your vehicle (all of which are important, but not vital to the everyday operation of the vehicle).. They has to be a better way to nag people to upgrade, if that is the intent. To relocate the core functionality (like the speedometer in your car) of the forum admin dashboard to somewhere less prominent was a decision made without considering the user interface & usability. Yes, much of that information is available on the board index, but not everyone elects to display that information. However that information is always made available to admins on the dashboard. I don't know if you are familiar with driving a standard or not, but just because you can hear the RPMs (and are familiar with the shift points) doesn't necessarily mean that you don't need to or want to know what the engine is actually doing. That tachometer is still functionally important and needs prominent visibility. The core functionality of that dashboard, like a car, is designed to make administrating that forum (vehicle) as easy and clear as possible with the information readily at hand in sight to efficiently make the appropriate decisions. It is foolish to lose focus of that interface usability concept.
  2. I've had a few people mention that it is not possible to register with the app. I have also had a couple of people who have mentioned that navigation is difficult for them because all of the links are jumbled together with the app.
  3. Well, I made it so the logos show up on mine, but they are only clickable when viewing a thread (they aren't clickable when viewing the member's profile - haven't been able to figure that out yet). I agree though, you would think it'd be something they'd include the option for out of the box.
  4. Spoke with Matt about this previously, but it would be superb, in the dashboard/stats report center/whatever it is called, to be able to see, graphically, what the utilization of the various login methods are (X # of members are using facebook, twitter, forum, openid, etc) with the ability to not show/calculate the ones that are not enabled, as well as show the utilization of same methods for the past X # of days (facebook was used by members to login X% over previous 7/30 days, forum direct login was used X% over previous 7/30 days, etc). This will help to identify which services are actually being used so admins can act accordingly (and/or perhaps to keep an eye on if say the Twitter login isn't working and people just haven't said anything about it).
  5. In the ACP Member management area, there should be an indication somewhere showing that a member has added a facebook/twitter/whatever account to their forum account. This will make it incredibly easier to troubleshoot external issues (such as members accidentally creating duplicate accounts when they use the facebook interface) as well as to identify who is actually using it and be able to know what is what. The biggest part of this though is being able to see that yes, User A has already connected their account to a facebook account, before I attempt to merge (or delete) what appears to be an accidental duplicate account.
  6. AnthonyKinson has a mod that does something like this. Search is your friend, as he was just talking about it here a week or so ago.
  7. Good call. I had to create custom fields to accomplish this.
  8. You could always make it a member selectable option (ie: "Send me notification mails in HTML or plain text"). I know I see this option on a lot of websites that I subscribe to - they even usually include a link to change the type in the particular email's fine print signature. For that matter, you could make it an administrator option also to force it to be one way or another for all users regardless of their settings (like you can already do with the other notification options).
  9. Mat, is there any way to include the IPS chat # hook (where it shows in a bubble on the nav bar how many people are in chat) in your menu for the chat application? (If not, is there a way you can mimic it to do the same thing with your menu?)
  10. Upgraded to 1.1.4, and it appears to still be breaking the "everything is secure" seal by loading the JS via http: rather than https: I can't find anything else other than the fusionmenu.js in the SSL media or page source that is not fetching via SSL. Any ideas? (should be able to see/reproduce here)
  11. It's at the bottom right corner of the screen now.
  12. You currently have to put them in one at a time, but it is possible: Board > Calendar > Add Recurring Event Then select: Recurring Event Every (Year) -- Is there a master list somewhere (like comma delimited or XML or anything?)? I've tried to look for an importable Holiday list but haven't found anything there either. If there is a list, someone might be able to make a mod that will import it en masse.
  13. Mat - How does this handle SSL? I have my login set to use SSL and I've noticed that since enabling this, firefox is telling me that not everything is encrypted anymore over the connection and I can't find anything other than this: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.dudegroup.net/community/public/js/fusionmenu.js" charset="UTF-8"> where it is loading something on the wrong protocol. Is it possible to incorporate a check for whether it is being served via SSL (and build the HTML script call accordingly) so it doesn't tip off the security notices?
  14. For continuity purposes, Is your affiliate link on the back? ;)
  15. But not everyone is as technically capable. Just because you wouldn't doesn't mean that other people wouldn't, and some people even though they are technically capable, prefer to pay the extra just so that any problems that arise will be dealt with quicker. and don't get me wrong, I was simply saying don't let the labeling of that license confuse you. It is simply a priority support license. As it relates to the rest of your previous comment though, I agree that limiting it to that license type probably isn't the appropriate solution, but I wasn't commenting on that part of your answer; I was simply commenting on the license label.
  16. Don't let the name "business" license confuse you - that license is simply a priority support one (people with that license, regardless of whether they are a "business" or not, receive expedited support). I imagine it is labeled "business" because that's primarily the people who would have mission critical needs that would require such a support level, but you don't need to actually be a business to have that license.
  17. Group Restriction Select which groups can receive mobile notifications, not selecting any will cause notifications to be enabled for all groups. The grammar on this description needs to be corrected. Are we selecting which groups to REMOVE their access to or are we selecting groups to GRANT access to push notifications? I presume by selecting a group it removes their ability to use it (hence: restriction), but the description really doesn't clearly define this.
  18. Most other sites that send me mail also include the ability to unsubscribe from such notices within that same email via a clickable link. Seems silly that it is not done here. I also would like to see this changed for the future.
  19. Shouldn't be counted or show up in the member list either, imo.
  20. Then why not put them in the Members group as primary, and put the Moderators group as secondary. This way it doesn't show up (I believe the list only shows those who the moderator or admin group is the primary group).
  21. Will you add the facebook like hook to the gallery and other applications? and will you be able to change the hook to reflect the Like or Recommend option?
  22. Agreed, but that is a very simple and easy edit/fix. ACP > Look & Feel > BBCode Management > Twitter > Then look for the field that says "Custom BBCode Replacement" and take out the www.
  23. Are you using a custom skin? I have the default skin right now and when there is a topic awaiting moderation there is a red link underneath the forum name indicating X topics & X posts awaiting moderation/approval. I am not sure if there is a way to do it bulk (all of them listed on one screen). I imagine that would be handy, but I haven't had to go look for such a thing yet to know if it already exists.
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