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Download: (M31) Moderator Action Alert v1.2.1


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File Name: (M31) Moderator Action Alert v1.2.1
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 21 Jun 2010
File Category: Modifications

Description: Streamline the moderation process with the use of automatic alerts for when moderators/admins perform moderation actions. Including support for the most common moderator actions such as open topic or delete post. As well as support for pm, email and/or topic alerts. Selected forums and groups can also be excluded from alerts.

  • Exclude moderator action alerts being sent for posts or topic that have the selected groups as authors.
  • Language file added for international users.
  • You can now add alerts to the topic multi moderation feature of IPB.
  • One easy place to edit all modification settings, within the Admin CP for extra security.
  • Smart quick tags allow you to modify the pm, email or topic alert messages with information such as topic title, topic author, forum, post content, current time and link to topic.
  • Exclude moderator action alerts being sent for posts or topics within certain forums.
  • Option to set pm or topic author alert as member who is performing the moderation action.
  • Alert options included are PM, Topic or Email.
  • Topic moderator actions supported: open, close, approve, un-approve and delete topic.
  • Post moderator actions supported: approve, un-approve and delete post.
Full feature list and screenshots here: http://www.devfuse.c...r-action-alert/

Extra Information:
This modification does require several file edits in two files. Although these edits are fully provided in an easy manner. There is a free installation offer as with all mods for people who wish to use it. Also the option to choose when a moderator action is performed, is set globally within the admin cp not per post or topic.

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