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Change the "maintitle" of the calendar hook (design mistake)


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As you can see [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-23259-calendar-hook-maintitle-change/#entry90654"]HERE[/url], i would suggest to change the maintitle (background) of the calendar hook.

When activate it and show it at the TOP its look like a design mistake (with the very good new look and feel of the sidebar).

Now you can change it, Brandon :D :lol:

Technically, it's Rikki's call. ;)

The calendar block does look semi- "out of place" given the different title header, however it's also generated through an API from the calendar, so simply changing the HTML will also change the appearance in the calendar. This is something we need to consider.
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This is exactly what I was searching for on how to fix... I wasn't sure which one was messed up, but the calendar on the sidebar does look out of place. If there's a way in the hook to fix this, I'd love to know it! :thumbsup:


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