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Check All - Ban Member

I am Freddy G

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Okay so I had to ban a member today and yeah he had like a million ip addresses. So I had to 10X(click, click, click, click, click, click, click,click)10

It would be so nice to have a check all option for the IP Addresses.

I am going to the doctors now for my carpool tunnel syndrome. oh yeah *CLICK*

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You shouldn't ban members with 'millions' of IPs.

Since (1) he'll probably get hold of another one and come back and (2) you'll be banning a lot of other people, because the guy is using a dynamic IP, which means other people (who might be legitimate visitors of your forum) might be using it and you end up not only not catching the 'bad guy', but annoying the 'good guys' as well ;)

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