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The Black Text on Status Update Sidebar

I am Freddy G

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So I have a dark forum skin. I will not be honest they are rare!

One thing that bugs me is on the status update hook, the input box. I just tested it on this board 3.1.0 Beta 1and I am sad to see it is the same. I thought someone reported this as a bug, but I am not certain. So here is the suggestion thread!

Here is the html code by default on sidebar status update hook

<input type="text" style="width: 80%; color: gray; padding: 2px;" id="statusUpdate">

I can go in the ACP > Look & Feel and edit color:gray. That is awesome!! I can change it to a bright white to blend in with my skin Now when you click in the input box this code changes to this:

<input type="text" style="width: 80%; color: black; padding: 2px;" id="statusUpdate">

This sucks - color:black; I haven't found a way to override this with CSS. umm yeah so there it is. Make it able so I can override black with css.

Because typing black on a black background sucks.

- Freddy

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