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How to configure xcache?

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Can someone please share good settings for xcache based on experience? i have no idea which settings are good or what it will do or what I should change.

These are my present settings:

XCache Support	enabled

Version	1.2.2

Modules Built	cacher optimizer coverager assembler encoder decoder

Readonly Protection	N/A

Opcode Cache	enabled, 16,777,216 bytes, 1 split(s), with 8192 slots each

Variable Cache	disabled

Shared Memory Schemes	mmap

Coverage Auto Dumper	disabled

Directive	               Local Value	Master Value

xcache.admin.enable_auth	   On	         On

xcache.cacher	                   On	          On

xcache.coredump_directory	no value	no value

xcache.count	                 1	           1

xcache.coveragedump_directory	no value	no value

xcache.coverager	           Off	          Off

xcache.gc_interval	            0	          0

xcache.mmap_path	       /dev/zero	/dev/zero

xcache.optimizer	             Off	Off

xcache.readonly_protection	no value	no value

xcache.shm_scheme	            mmap	mmap

xcache.size	                     16M	16M

xcache.slots	                      8K	8K

xcache.stat	                      On	On

xcache.test	                   no value	no value

xcache.ttl	                       0	0

xcache.var_count	               1	1

xcache.var_gc_interval	              300	300

xcache.var_maxttl	               0	0

xcache.var_size                       0M	0M

xcache.var_slots	              8K	8K

xcache.var_ttl	                       0	0

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