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Profile Customization - Tile & Fixed


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Currently there is an option to do tile or fixed. What about both?

Look at my profile. The image is actually quite small and you're supposed to tile it, but I can't make it fixed.

Also (and I'm not sure if this is a bug or not) the pagination for comments doesn't appear inside the profile box so it's kind of hard to read. Same thing goes for the copyright area at the bottom. Shouldn't it have a semi transparent box as well?

I'm also thinking the opacity needs to be a tad less so the text is a little easier to read. Not sure what it's at now and I'm not suggesting a big adjustment, but just a tiny bit. Maybe like 1-2%.

EDIT: Ah I see an image is actually used for this. Well in the case I'm talking about the 50% one for the top bar. Was thinking closer to 55%.

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