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Invision Power Board 1.3.0

James McIntosh

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ipb 1.3 is very old and doesn't even work on a supported version of php. it also has security issues and again its very old. Secondly 2.3.6 is also old (although still supported) but to add the features of 2.3 into 1.3 is pretty much going to be impossible. Your best bet would be to look at ipb 3.0. As for discounted version offered to your customers i don't think ips licences support this, they do have the partners program which allows you some perks but you'd have to talk to them about the best deal they can offer you as each of your sites would need a license.

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No, I wanted to become a free InvisionFree host, I'm I know I'm 100% allowed to do that and IPB works on my version of PHP.
I'm going to edit it to fix security issues, and add features like IPB 2.3.6, the thing is I'm afraid that I'll copy IPB 2.3.6 too much (although with different coding) and be accused of ripping or violating some type of copyright.

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Hey guys, i am running Ikonboard 1.1 and like to have ajax support and a state of the Art Content Management System. Is this ok? Btw. i am using a Raq4 dedicated Server.

oh snap, wrong century ^^


I'd also STRONGLY advise NOT to use the IPB 1.3 core. Compared to todays version its not that fast. Running a free hosting service with that kind of foundation is risky at best.

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Please note the forum rules at the top of the page

Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via the client area, or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at IPS Resources.

Did you find a bug in IP.Board?

If you believe you've found a bug please post it to the bug tracker.

Have a suggestion or feedback?

Post it here. Thanks!

For what you are asking, your best bet is to email management@invisionpower.com.

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