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IP.Mail Delivery System (IP.Mail or IP.MDS)


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Based on the concept of IP.Converge, this could be useful for admins that own multiple boards or even one board but want to enhance the current methods of sending out emails from the board (either bulk or regular).

IP.Mail would be a separate install that would replace the work of IP.Boards internal mail system and act as a central hub of sorts.

* Be able to limit how many emails to send out.. per cycle, per hour, per function
* Recognize when there are duplicate emails being sent to the same email address (exact duplicate) and then delete the duplicates (so only one gets sent out).
* Have the ability to run independently from the boards (would require cron, otherwise the multiple boards would call on IP.Mail to insure rapid delivery of mails).
* Be able to re-order the priority of mails
* Cancel/pause mails for individual members

Idea would be that IPB would fork it off to IP.Mail with certain information (including email, name, etc) along with the type of email it is. If it's a registration email, it might get higher priority so it goes out faster, etc. By doing this, if one board if fairly busy and the other isn't quite as busy, but the 'slow' board has bulk mail to send out, it's more likely to go out sooner because the other board is active. Also, for sites that have a limits on the number of emails sent per hour, it could put a stop to the mails to avoiding crossing over that limit.

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No, actually, a new item, that would work independently from the board. IP.Converge works independently and handles accounts (sort of), IP.Mail would be a separate install and would handle mail delivery, for either one or more than one IP.Board install.

The idea would be to have one central mail delivery system, which would still make use of each boards settings (such as the out/in mail addresses), except that instead of each board running the same processes to do the actual mail delivery, they would hand off the items to mail to the module and let it perform all the work.

Could allow for many more options and advanced controls, possibly even the idea of handling bounced emails (maybe not the first release), which could then be returned to the boards, where the admin could decide what to do with the accounts.

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I don't see value in adding a whole new system to handle email personally. If we had multiple independent applications, then I can see why you'd request a converge-like system. But with IPB working how it does (and everything being an addon to IPB itself), why have an independent application to handle sending emails?

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