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Perfomance Mode


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I thought about a bug report, but decided its probably WAI, hence this topic. :)

I wonder if its possible to have differing error messages for disabled parts of the board when Performance Mode is enabled, reason simply being new (to IP.Board) admins may be confused as to the cause.

As an example from a recent topic, the messenger was disabled. We worked through the usual causes (group permission / members had not disabled their messenger / checked the db to ensure members_disable_pm was at 0)

The cause was because performance mode was enabled, although the error message (code 10227) simply indicated the member has disabled their messenger...

if ( $this->member->getProperty('members_disable_pm') )


$this->registry->getClass('output')->showError( 'messenger_disabled', 10227 );


Unless I have misunderstood the code snippet.

Anyway my suggestion: Separate errors for disabled areas when its due to performance mode (assuming its reasonably feasible and not a security risk) , simply as due to the error code generated Performance Mode was not one of the first places I would of looked...


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Performance mode was a relatively easy feature to implement in it's current state. To do what you are talking about however, would be a lot of work lol. Not hard, mind you, but adding a lot of code to various parts of the board to determine if performance mode is on and whether that's the cause of the setting being disabled.

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