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Andy Rixon

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I have litterally not had the chance to do anything, sorry for such the long wait.

I understand, that you're pretty busy, but don't think fixing html/bbcode would take much time.
I opened template Board Index -> hookSidebariAnnounceSidebar and just put my text there instead of this:


Everything works great, all HTML tags display properly (links, styles etc.).
I guess it's a parsing problem, probably just need to add a simple PHP function like htmlspecialchars() or something like that.

No big deal, really. Would do it myself, but I'm not a good programmer.
Without this fix your hook can only display plain text, which is very frustrating to be honest.
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If you mean by adding seperate iAnnounce boxes, then no this is not possible.

Hi Andy,

I tried to send you an email about this plugin, which I downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed but the contact@geekmanic.com was returned as undeliverable.

Here is my query:

Your iAnnounce plugin is very useful on our ip board. We
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I could possibly look into this for you tomorrow, I would of course release this for free, so there would be no fee. I would possibly make it so that it requires iAnounce to function.

Would you like this included with the package or as a separate package?

Another thing, I am unsure of an ETA as to when this will be reased due to moving everything under a new name, rixwil.com so please be patient with it's development.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply.

I don't think there is a need to have a seaparate MOD, if I understand you correctly, unless it is easier. Rather, just a setting in the ACP of the hook that says:

1. enable/disable sidebar hook on the forum
2. enable/disable on portal plugin

Based on my experience so far, I would still need to grab the "exportable tag" and place it in the portal skeleton template.

Thanks so much for considering adding to this functionality of this great MOD you created.


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