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  1. Glad you were to resolve this issue... :D
  2. It did work for 3.4.1, as well as 3.4.2. I have used it in both... :D
  3. clearly, I meant 3.4 or I should have said "The Latest version"
  4. I really need the bump mod for 3.5.x, please!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!
  5. The download link is in the first post... :whistle:
  6. I did call them and am waiting for their reply. Thanks guys... :)
  7. I guess I will try calling them and see if I can get it resolved. I can't think of what else to do.
  8. no errors, just the login page won't allow me to log in. Won't accept my information I have been using for quite some time. Tried the lost password thing and it said my e-mail address could not be found in the database, which is just nuts. This has never ever happened before, in all the years I have used this software.
  9. I can not log into my client area. I have paid my subscription, as always, but when I go to log in none of my input (email address or password) is recognized. What can I do
  10. is working on becoming the person his dog already thinks he is... :)

  11. I am having a similar issue. The image appears in the ACP, when editing and clicking the update tab, however it still shows the code on the board. Any luck in fixing this?
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