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Download: (M31) Timeslip System v1.4.0


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File Name: (M31) Timeslip System v1.4.0
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 04 Aug 2009
File Updated: 15 Jul 2010
File Category: Applications

Description: Application based timeslip system used to organize racing times. With many supported racing times, including sixty foot, 1/4, 1/8, 1K Foot ET and MPH. Including dyno hp and tq. Also includes an optional setting so members can upload there timeslip image and dyno graph image. Organize results in many ways from 1/4 Mile ET to 60 Foot ET.

View full list of features and screenshots here: http://www.devfuse.c...imeslip-system/

[*]Statistics page which groups specific results such as fastest sixty foot ET[*]Optional integration with the Garage System.[*]Noticeable alert box, that appears for members without any timeslip record added, encouraging them to add there race times.[*]RSS feeds for ten fastest 1/4 Mile ET, 1/8 Mile ET and Sixty Foot times.[*]Detailed Timeslip race page, with all timeslip details displayed, including timeslip and dyno images.[*]Extensive search and filter for the Timeslip Control Panel, including status filter, order by, order how and maximum results per page.[*]Option for maximum image file size, image width and image height.[*]Zero file and skin edits required, just upload the required files and run the application installer.[*]Turn the system on/off with one easy setting found in the Admin Control Panel.[*]Staff Panel to approve and unapprove all entries submitted. As well as multi-act feature for mass administration changes.[*]System can send out a personal message notifying you of new submissions.[*]Set both how many submissions allowed per user and how many submissions to be display per page.[*]Group permissions for view, add, edit, delete and control panel.[*]Set whether new submissions must be approved first, can be done for when a user edits there submission as well.[*]One easy Setting Group enables you to manage all the feature and group settings in one place.[*]Users can upload timeslip image or dyno image with each of there submissions.[*]Option to upload both dyno graphic image and timeslip image with each submitted time.[*]Option to require timeslip image of 1/4 mile estimate time is equal to or faster than a specified time of your choice.[*]IPB inbuilt caching system now is used on the main page, this removes 30% of database queries and makes the Timeslip System extremely fast and efficient when loading.
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Requirements: IP.Board 3.0.x / 3.1.x+ - PHP 5.1+ - MySQL 4.1+

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