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Download: Active Online Group Permissions


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File Name: Active Online Group Permissions
File Submitter: capbiker
File Submitted: 27 Jul 2009
File Category: Applications

This application/hook will allow you to decided which member groups can access the Online Active Page. This application/hook can also let you decided which member groups can see the users IP's on the actual Online Active Page.

If the user do not have premission to view the online active page, then they will be displayed with the standard error message.

Please note, this application will require 2 templates to be edited to work.

Click here to download this file

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i have a problem with this mod, i have install it and now the mod isnt working and i cant unistall it i am getting an ips driver error
please take a look at this
here is the error

this will remove this app from your board


 Error Number: 1064

 Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'groups`  DROP `g_view_active_users`, DROP `g_view_active_users_ips`' at line 1

 IP Address: *****

 Page: /admin/index.php?adsess=392c9486111bf6ff8ed855f0cddd23fb&app=core&module=applications&section=applications&do=application_remove&app_id=15

 Debug: array (

  1 => 

  array (

    'file' => '/home/*****/public_html/admin/applications/core/modules_admin/applications/applications.php',

    'line' => 1392,

    'function' => 'query',

    'class' => 'db_driver_mysql',


  2 => 

  array (

    'file' => '/home/*****/public_html/admin/applications/core/modules_admin/applications/applications.php',

    'line' => 107,

    'function' => 'applicationRemove',

    'class' => 'admin_core_applications_applications',


  3 => 

  array (

    'file' => '/home/*****/public_html/admin/sources/base/ipsController.php',

    'line' => 291,

    'function' => 'doExecute',

    'class' => 'admin_core_applications_applications',



 mySQL query error: ALTER TABLE ibf_`groups`  DROP `g_view_active_users`, DROP `g_view_active_users_ips`;



select and delete everything in this file and paste the code bellow


$QUERY[]	= "ALTER TABLE groups  DROP g_view_active_users ;";

$QUERY[]	= "ALTER TABLE groups  DROP g_view_active_users_ips ;";

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