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Download: (T23) Pay Points to View/Reply 1.1


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File Name: (T23) Pay Points to View/Reply 1.1
File Submitter: teraßyte
File Submitted: 06 Feb 2009
File Category: Modifications

This mod force your members to pay a defined amount of points to view each topic in selected forums.
Also it allows the topic starter to set a certain amount of points that are payed (or received) when someone reply to the topic.

For some screenshots about the mod please visit the discussion URL listed above!


  • 7 new setting for each forum
    • Enable/Disable mod
    • Default amount of "Points to View"
    • Select groups that can use a different value of "Points to View"than the defaul one
    • Select groups that can see topics without paying the amount of "Points to View"
    • Select groups that can charge/receive points when someone reply to their topics
    • Select which groups will be able to charge points from the Point System instead of their own points
    • Select groups that will bypass the charge/receive points feature when they reply
  • 3 global settings
    • Members can see a preview of the first post before purchasing the topic
    • Ability to strip code tags from the preview of the first post
    • Ability to change the message displayed until a member hasn't payed to view the topic
  • Mod covers also the Lo-Fi version, Profile View, Search View, Forum/Topic Subscriptions and Print/Download functions
  • Members that haven't purchased yet the topic are blocked from replying to it (also quick reply is disabled)
  • Ability
    for topic starter (if in an allowed group) to set an amount of points
    that he will pay (or receive) when someone reply to his topic also you
    can setup for how many replies you will pay/receive points
  • If
    members are viewing a topic with receive/pay points enabled quick reply
    is hidden so they are forced to use the normal reply view and they will
    see the warning about points

Changelog from 1.0 to 1.1:
  • Added
    the ability for topic starter (if in an allowed group) to pay points
    from the Points System instead of paying them from his own points

Click here to download this file
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