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Download: (MSR22) Now playng


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File Name: (MSR22) Now playng
File Submitter: Master_merged
File Submitted: 03 Jun 2007
File Category: Modifications

This modification will add new option when posting a new topic or reply. This mod does not allow the member to edit their urrent music when editing posts. This is because I don't see that it is their "music" after the first post. It shows up next to the posted dated in each post.

Files Affected:
* ./sources/classes/post/class_post.php
* ./sources/action_public/topics.php
* ./skin_acp/IPB2_Standard/acp_skin_html/cp_skin_forums.php
* ./sources/action_admin/forums.php
* ./sources/classes/class_post/class_post_new.php
* ./sources/classes/post/class_post_reply.php

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