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fractions bbcode and rte

KT Walrus

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I implemented a quick bbcode for showing pretty fractions, using this php code:

{ return preg_replace( "/\s*(\d+)\s*\/\s*(\d+)\s*/i", "<span style='font-size:80%'><sup>\\1</sup>& #8260;<sub>\\2</sub></span>", $content ); }

For [fraction]3/11[/fraction] it shows as: 311 (only the fraction height is reduced by 80% so that it looks normal)

This works, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the RTE to show the formatted fraction instead of the BBCode. What I really want is to implement a drop down menu that allows the user to just pick a formatted fraction from the drop down. Maybe all fraction up to 16th such as:

13 23
14 24 34
15 25 35 45

So, I've gotten half of what I want, but it occurred to me that IPS could implement this much better. I'd like to see a new dropdown in the editor to allow you to insert a fraction (from the list) and have this fraction appear formatted in the RTE editor.

    private function _buildOutput( $content )

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