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Converting from Woltlab Burning Board 3.0

Master of Tragedy

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A couple of months ago I switched from IP.Board to WBB 3.0 and since IP.Board 3.0 is released now I thought I might try to switch back to see if the new version is worth it.
So I tried the new WBB 3.0 converter yesterday.
The IP.Board 3.0 and converter installation went well and then I started the converting process one item after the other.
Everything worked fine until the post conversion. It always was stuck at about 9200 posts from 11000. After waiting for an hour without any progress I checked the status in the admin panel again and it said that the conversion had errors. I tried it again three times but it always stopped at the very same post number.
Ok, I thought I could still use it for a test drive and just continue with the private message and attachments converters.
Both ran into errors too in the end.
Then I did all the suggested synchronize stuff but the end-result was not really satisfying.
The forums didn't show at all and I had to manually switch all of them to visible.
When they did show afterwards the stats where pretty much messed up. No posts counts and the threads were all empty or just had some empty messages with empty users in them.
The memberlist showed all members fine but that was about it. No private messages and all posts empty.
Is there some kind of log which shows more details when an error happened during conversion?
Is this end-result just due the missing 10% conversion of the posts? I thought at least the 9200 posts that were imported fine should be ok?

I might give this another try if someone can tell me how to get this done without errors or how to find what the actual errors are.

Best Regards,

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The problem with post conversion is normally caused by one particular post with invalid BBCode syntax. The next update of IP.Board includes a fix so this won't happen - but in the meantime - if you purchase the conversion service, we can track down and remove the offending post so that it'll convert without problems.

Your other problems sound like a mix of possible bugs in the converters, and things caused by the incomplete post conversion.

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