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IP.Board 3.1 Suggestions Thread


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Now that version 3.0.2 is released with the Spam Monitoring Service, and CCS and IP.Subscriptions final are just around the corner, I'm guessing that you already got some resources to put for the sake of the next major IP.Board release (3.1).

So here are my top suggestions for the next major IP.Board release (Sorted by my own priority. Ease of implementing is considered as well):
1. Improve multi-language support (also for RTL languages!!)
Since these 2 features are already implemented in the beta stage I put them as a top priority features request:
2. Bring back the recently activity feature (from beta).
3. Bring back the AJAX search (from beta).
4. Better addo-ons integration with IP.Board.
5. Show who repped the post.
6. Show who repped the user (reps history such as display name history feature in user profile page) + who the user has repped (also fulfills this feature request: http://forums.invisi..._fromsearch__1)
7. Quick ban in mini profile (have some suggestions if needed).
8. Quick check box to qoute a post with the multi-quote button in the fast reply feature (like in vBulletin). A screeshot added: suggestion3.jpg
9. Quick sort listing function (like in vBulletin). A screenshot added: suggestion2.jpg
10. Let the user to see his own unaprroved posts same as the admin sees it.
11. Tags System.
12. Split the AJAX windows, and also fixes the problem of the X button being placed in the wrong side. A mockup added: suggestion1.jpg
13. And last but not least, add the CleanCut skin, fixed for all add-ons (if not already planned for a 3.0.X release).

Support me if you think these features are needed.

Also post your requests if you have any.

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I'd like..

* Favorite posts/Bookmarking posts (see my signature for link to it, this got a bit of support from other people)
* ACP/Ban filters, the ban types separated into different tabs
* ACP/Ban filters, ability to add multiple bans at the same time as well as have reasons added for bans
* ACP/Ban filters, option (per ban) to use regular expressions instead of wildcarding
* Built in drop-down-menu functionality for the primary navigation bar (for applications so it doesn't crowd the bar).
* Not mark a thread as being read unless you have looked (at least navigated to) the last page of the topic.
* Option to auto move members to a specified group if emails sent to them get bounced (due to account not being active/existing/etc)
* Editable list of external resources to use for IP look-ups (like in the online list, see icons for DNS Stuff, for example, that you can click on at get info for that IP address). Configurable link and link to image/icon to use would be really nice, then the icons would appear for the admin to click on.
* Per forum option to override a members "ModQ" setting, ie, for their posts to be immediately available even if that member is set to be ModQ'd. Perhaps directly as part of the option for members to only see their own threads, that way they could start a thread and instantly see it even if no one else can.
* As discussed in another topic, tri level ModQ'ing. Off (posts instantly viewable except forums that ModQ all posts), On (all posts ModQ'd except forums that override this setting (see above request)), Self (can see their own posts even if those posts are ModQ'd). Should also be a per forum setting, where if any posts are ModQ'd, the members could still see their own posts so they could make edits to it if they want prior to approval.

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[quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1249743769' post='1840523']
I'd like..

* Not mark a thread as being read unless you have looked (at least navigated to) the last page of the topic.

+1 vB 3.x thread read/unread marking system is light years better.

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I'd like to be able to disallow guests from viewing member details. It's OK to see their names and maybe an avatar or profile picture; however, I'd like to block non-members from having access to member eMails and messenger accounts while still allowing access to read forum content.

If this ability already exists, how do I access it? Is there a plug in or something?

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