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[quote name='Sledgemoto' date='25 June 2009 - 11:52 PM' timestamp='1245970332' post='1814553']
here ya go.

Yeah I see them there, but I really had to search around to find how to make them in the first place.

[quote name='bfarber' date='26 June 2009 - 03:00 PM' timestamp='1246024805' post='1814922']
If you have suggestions to make this clearer feel free to share them. :)

When you visit the following...
You are greeted with more of a community feel. Being a new user (or a user with out a gallery or blog) your at a loss for creating (or getting to) your own.
The only ways to get to your items is clicking on the icons on the forums or via the links in the drop down.

I would like to see more integration into the system.
Most things listed could be done via template changes but I feel that shouldn't be needed.

My profile-
When I visit my profile I would like to be able to add pictures to my gallery and post to my blog, not just view recent things added. (even a link to my blog and gallery would be nice)

When I visit the main gallery page I would like to see some kind of link to my gallery.
You could even have create a new album and a upload a new image. Clicking on the upload image would ask the user what album they would like to add it to or make a new one.

Same for blog, I would like to see a link to mine, along with a create new post. (that would be posted in my blog)

Honestly I think Blog needs a major overhaul witch is why I haven't given it much thought for my community.
There are quite a few big blogging sites around, facebook, twitter, myspace. I'm sure a good portion of users here have an account with more then one. Your users are going to want a reason to use blog over them, and what better way then to mimic what works.
I really like facebooks way of grouping friends and how its all kinda linked together. Maybe we can see something like this here. On top of that have a tag cloud or some way for users to see(search)other users blogs that have common interests.
example: If I tag a post with HTML and someone else (that I don't know) makes a post with the same tag, I will be able to see it by viewing common interests.

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