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Network timeout on my forum

Guest Machsterdaemon

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I hope I'm in the right forum.

I have had my forum for 6 months and now this week my site began to get problems. My site didn't load and the browser gave 'Network Timeout' or something like that. My other site on the shared server also had problems. So I did contact host who said that I had custom themes and addons and I should taka contact with the vendors.

The problem started this week. At one time I couldn't browse my sites hosted on the same shared server or it took minutes to wait. I also could not browse my hosting control panel. Other sites on the internet where normal. Other time this week, my sites where normal.

Last three days my sites have been normal. Now for few minutes ago I got network timeout when I tried to browse my forum. I couldn't browse the other site too, my wordpress blog.

I have checked the databases for both of my sites and optimize it like I do regularly when I take backup. There are no errors in the databases. I have done some 'housecleaning' on my forum and the other site. I have gone through ACP on my forum and all seems to be ok.

Right now it took 0.1689 sec to load my forum front page but a bit longer for my blog, so I can't see what the problem could be.

What do you think? Should I contact my host again or check mods, and plugins on my blog?

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This really sounds like nothing at all to do with IP.Board or Wordpress. If there were problems with either application, you wouldn't be getting server time-outs, you would receive error messages of some sort.

There must be a problem with your hosts network. If they have said something about themes and modifications to the software you use being the cause, then I really think they're wrong. Errors or problems with such scripts wouldn't cause time-outs.

Personally, I would just contact them again and see if they are having any type of technical issues with their servers...

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Hi, I'm sorry for not being able to follow this up.

It seems that this problem had nothing to do with the software used on my forum, and I didn't thought so either.
My suspicion was that this was caused by something outside my control, like something server related.

It happened that many clients where complaining to the host in July. The host didn't admit anything before in August when they told me that they had got DoS attacks and where now in control and apologized to me.

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I would personally have it with them and find another hoat, A host is suppose to be up front with their customers and if there is a problem fix it.

This is only my opinion. There are better host out there.

Yes, I was a bit irritated when they didn't take me seriously and said that I had custom themes, plugins, mods and even youTube videos <_<
I'm thinking of finding another host even though this has been solved. The problem is that I'm a bit reluctant to do it as it needs some work and time and downtime for my forum and other sites of mine.
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