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$$ Looking To Hire A Mysql/ipb Linux Server Expert..

Guest 240sxer

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Over the past few months, we've been having an issue were every day around 11am-3pm, server load spikes up to over 50 and crashes where we cant SSH to it or restart it unless we pull the switch from our providers..

And when we do restart, the server comes back with a few tables corrupt, including ib_posts which is over 1.5 gb large and it takes forever to repair (5+ hours running myisamchk -o).

We've tried everything from reinstalling forum, reimaging server, trying different mysql settings, upgrading to FC 5, upgrading to mysql 5, apache, php - still the same thing.

If someone things they can help, we're willing to pay the minute we see results.

Let me know by replying here or PM or feel free to ask any questions..


P.S: Someone is looking at it now, if he can't fix it, we'll go ahead with whoever is interested..

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Are you using the default IPB MySQL searching? If so I'd recommend trying sphinx


Can also try installing eaccelerator or xcache on the server as they actually help lower apache load quite a bit. Also, if you have the setting in IPB under CPU Savings "Update topic views immediate" set to Yes, I'd highly recommend changing that to No - helps prevent table locking when topics are viewed.

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Thanks for the quick reply bro.

Yes, I will try the above. Question for you though. The following are my server specs:

Single Core AMD Athlon 64 3500+
2.2 GHz
1GB Ram
2 x 160 GB (RAID 1-Software)

Fedora Core 5 (64bit)
IPB Version v2.3.1
MYSQL 5.0.27
PHP Version 5.1.6

From what I read from your previous posts, you recommend atleast 2 gigs. My forum has 15000 active users, usually 200-300 any given moment on average and over million post (3gig database).

However, this spike only happens once or twice a day same time usually (not exact enough to be a cron job or something).. If the server does well (even up to 1000 members on at the same time if yahoo bots are there) and it only fails 1-2% of the time, doesn't that mean the specs are just fine for our server?


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Your board is pretty popular, and your ram is only 1GB.
I'd recommend to upgrade it to 2GB+, as 1GB for a board that active is not enough.

When your ram runs out, your server usually starts using swap which basically kills your servers

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