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and got INSTANT approval! :o I am IMPRESSED!!! :o :o Hats off to IPS!!!

Also, while I am here -

Kudos to bfarber for his hard work on the annoyances *cough* bug fixing that he has done for me in the bug tracker.
Kudos also to Matt, Linda(y); and Charles for making IPB / IPS possible.
Kudos to Brandon C for being the newest IPS Staff member.
Kudos to Matt Morris and Debbie for helping me with my sales inquiries today.
Kudos to Keith Kacin for providing me with some necessary files that I needed to complete work on my forum this morning.
Kudos as well to Blake, Ryan, Alex, Jonathan, Nakisha, and everyone else for making the Invision Power Services, Inc. company what it is today! :) :D

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I wish it was cooler. -_- I hate hot weather.

Well I am sure that Lindy puts the air conditioning on in the office when it's hot out (and the heat when it's cold) so that you can stay nice and comfortable when you are working. :)

Here we don't have central air. I just got a window unit put in a few weeks ago. Cost my mom $600.
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