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  1. Jason H

    Forum Moderators

    I brought this up not an hour before on changes that should be made to the ACP. Any ideas? Only one I could come up with was having a specific section for local moderators and controlling them rather than piggybacking them on the forums. It is... Clunky. But I didn't really have any suggestions on where to go with it.
  2. Nice name lol

  3. Jason H

    Jason H and support

    No... No.. I'm pretty confident in saying the numbers are at least equal.
  4. Jason H

    Jason H and support

    Thanks. But.. No.. For every one of you.. There's someone wanting to call me an ass.. So.. I take both equally. You'd both be right..
  5. Jason H

    Topic descriptions no more

    How about this? In ACP->Look and Feel->Manage Templates & CSS->Forum View->topics <if test="hasTags:|:isset($data['tags']) AND $data['tags']"> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/icon_tag.png' /> {$data['tags']['formatted']['truncatedWithLinks']} </if> If you change that to <if test="hasTags:|:isset($data['tags']) AND $data['tags']"> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/icon_tag.png' /> {$data['tags']['formatted']['truncatedWithLinks']} <else /> {$data['description']} </if> That way, it shows tags, but, if the topic is a legacy topic and has a description, that would be displayed instead? That seem like a happy middle ground? You get to keep the legacy descriptions, they will show on the list of topics, and no new ones can be added.
  6. test status update

  7. Jason H

    Spam Prevention

    Well, this is more once users get through.. Which, is going to happen. I don't care what or how many blocks you have.. If you allow registrations, spam will get through at least from time to time.. There is no foolproof way to do it.. There's only mitigation. Turning off registration will pretty much stop it. But, an account could be hijacked and it get through that way.. If you trust a mod to be a mod.. My opinion is that you should trust them to block spammers anywhere on the site. And, if they abuse the power, then they probably shouldn't be mods in the first place.
  8. Jason H

    Spam Prevention

    I get a fair number of tickets about this.. When local mods have permission to report spammers, flag as, I mean.. The only get the little 'flag as spammer' icon in the mini profile. When it comes to spam.. Even with local mods.. If they have permission to flag.. Shouldn't they be able to do it globally? I mean, if I'm mod of forum A, and I see an obvious spam post in Forum B... I don't know.. WE might get tickets if it works the other way.. Might be best as is.. But, I'd think if you want someone to be able to flag as spammer, they could flag them, whether they've posted in the forum you're a mod of or not.. I know you can still do it.. Just saying..
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    Jason is not a human, he's a help bot :)

  10. Thanks for the super-quick IP.Content Support Ticket help Jason, much appreciated!

  11. Found a forum where this was installed, and post preview no longer worked when this hook was enabled.