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Can't login to client area and not getting reply to my support ema

Guest dpeters

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Title explains it, are any mods on this board able to support me?

I cant login to my account on the client side to download the forum software.

I tried to change my email address, it logged me out and then complained I was trying to login with an incorrect password, i have sent 2 emails to support and sales within over a week and no reply.

I have paid for this software for over a year, I seem to just be getting no support what so ever.

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Our customer service reps are online right now - try calling again. I can't imagine why you didn't reach someone before, but I can see the guy who would answer at his desk right now. :)

As for the emails, Charles indicated as of last night there were none open in Customer Service, so we either didn't receive it, or you didn't receive our response.

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