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Well, they together are 1, but from my mobile PC, I can read threads fine, but I cannot post, reply, etc...

Why not develop the ability to post, reply, etc in the Lo-Fi version... makes sense to me with all of the mobile users that are cropping up.

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I am a new IPB user, and I have to seen code of IPB, because of I have an older application, what handling the login/logout/etc.
I have installed IPB SDK too. But. In my older application (thirdparty), there is a ROOT_PATH named constant, what point to the site root.
(not docroot, siteroot), but IPB must have the same contant with the path to IPB.

I suggest, modify all the constants with IPB_ prefix! (For a better compatibility)

I can not run your code in the relation of the another application, because the constants are not redefinable.


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May be, you just need a PDA skin?

I downloaded a PDA skin from invisionize...

It is much better without the graphics but when posting it throws the exact same error...

Precondition Failed

The precondition on the request for the URL /index.php evaluated to false.

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