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My IPB Experience

Guest MK1

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Well, so far it's had it's ups & downs. I love all the features & it was like getting onto a rocket after driving in a go kart for 10 years, the IF to IPB switch felt great :D

HOWEVER! When I tried to install an image set, it wouldn't let me, so I tried another one, same thing.

Please help me on this :)

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Usually when you need help the best place to get it is by opening up a ticket in the client center (IPS Home -> Client Center).

But since the office is closed right now: Make sure your "style_images", "cache", "skin_cache", "lang_chance" directories are CHMOD'd to 777. Also make sure that the files within "style_images" are CHMOD'd to 777 (the css files, not the subdirectories). To CHMOD a file/directory you need to go to the forums files using your FTP client and choose either "Properties", "Permissions", "Info", or "Get Info". What you pick depends on the FTP client you use and the operating system (mac uses "info" or "get info"). What you're looking for is a group of 9 boxes (3x3) that have "Read", "Write", and "Execute" on them. You want to make sure all the boxes are checked for those files (all checked means 777).

If you are using a windows server it's a bit different (above is for *nix servers). You need to make sure the files/directories are not "Read Only" and proper permissions are given.

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