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Profile custom plugins, profile tab by URI

Guest Oncle Tom

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I\'ve upgraded to IP.Board 2.2.0 yesterday and everything went fine. My members are all glad by this new version and especially the new portal-style profile page. I already built a little profile plugin I\'ve placed in sources/components_public/profile. This system is pretty cool because I won\'t have to modify the sources/action_public/profile.php each time I upgrade IP.Board.

I have two questions about all this.

1) Using db->build_query() with a non-ibf table
I tried to build a query to gather informations in a non-ibf table (I integrated IPB in the website) and I get errors even if the query was well formed. By looking at the logs (I\'ve got a thing to tell about this later), I noticed the ibf_ prefix was systematicaly added in front of the table names. A quick look in the DB class and I found the variable $this->obj[\'sql_tbl_prefix\'] in front of every table names.

Is there a way to construct a query with db->build_query() by properly overriding this table prefix ? I tried to play a little with $this->prefix_changed (turning it to 1 before the query) but it changed nothing.
Just for information, I built the query with db->query() method as I could hardcode full table names. Maybe is it a better solution ?

2) Opening a profile tab by URI
When a profile page is opened, the first tab is always loaded by default. Can a tab be opened by an URI like index.php?viewprofile=1&tab=posts ? It would be good for spider engines which could also go through real href links (considering they have JS turned off). It is also a good accessibility trick for other people who don\'t have JS enabled or because they can\'t have it enabled.

3) Other things
Is this normal the sql_log*.cgi is reckognized as an unknown IPB file by the security checker ? It could be great if this log could be watched directly through the ACP.

Thanks :)

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1) This is modification assistance, and really should be posted on IPS Beyond. But you need to set a db property before running your query (prefix_changed or something of that nature) and then reset it afterwards. Look through the ips_kernel/class_db.php file

2) I'd have to doublecheck, but I don't think so

3) Yes, it's normal. IPB has no way to know it's valid and not some file a hacker uploaded.

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OK nice. For the build_query thing, I don't want a a mod to be installed. It was rather a dev question to know if there was an advise on how proceding.

I've just found for the second point ! I've received an email telling me a friend added me to his buddy list. I saw in the URI &tab=settings ... I replaced "settings" by my custom plugin ID and it worked. It works with the showuser param like :
Could it be added in tabs URI ? Just for people without Javascript and Spider bots ? Thanks :)

Thanks for the DB log too ;)

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