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PHP 5.2.0

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Damn, another version of PHP already? I just comissioned a brand new server with custom Apache, PHP, and MySQL installs... Have to start all over (well mostly) At least there is a new MySQL version; I'll be done for awhile

Oh well, we're making progress. Hopefully the compiles will be easier with all of the fixed bugs.

In theory, nothing should happen with IPB, but who knows. Has anyone tried it out yet?

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What advantages would there be to me using PHP 5+ or MYSQL 5+? I am just wondering what good it even would do, if it would be worth me switching servers.

Mainly new features and speed increases.

There are a lot of people (myself included) who are starting to use a lot of PHP5's new functionality, especially in regards to object oriented programming. The applications do not degrade nicely to PHP4 based platforms, if at all.

However, php4 applications work just fine under php5 if the coder is worth his salt.
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