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Early skinning difficulties

Guest Petrescu

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Not sure where to post this so it's going here.

I've done an upgrade to RC1 on a backup site and all went well. Now normally on the board index I have blue forum links to match the colour soccer club the forum has been created for. So I've edited under global hyperlink styles as you do so forum links are blue. Except that has now changed every member link in the Memberlist to blue, as well as each member names in topic view. One little change and it changed much more than it ever has done before.

I just wanted forum links a different colour :ph34r:

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for example - if you give this a different color, EVERY link will have the style applied, UNLESS the link is in a div that has a more specific style applied...i.e.

.someclass a:hover

If there were a link inside a div using the someclass CSS, it would use the more specific CSS definition, rather than the initial global definition.

This is more suitable for IPS Beyond skinning discussion however, rather than 2.2 feedback. :) There's a ton of skinners that can probably dedicate more time to this subject than I generally can.

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